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Google Ads Training

We provide customised AdWords training for your management and staff.

If you’d prefer to build up your expertise in-house, rather than outsource your campaign management to an agency or consultant, our customised Google Ads training will give your staff the skills to both set up and manage your own professional, quality campaigns – just like a pro.

Whether you’re looking to build your advertising campaign from scratch or review and improve your existing campaigns, our SEM training will breathe new life into your online strategy with expert advice and progressive best-practice approaches.

Training can be provided on site (at your offices), online (via Meeting software) or at our centrally-located premises. Every client has unique requirements and we are glad to tailor an individual plan that knocks your socks off!


Are you using Google Ads to generate the maximum number of profitable sales leads?


Do you know that as the competition increases the cost-per-click?


Do you think your Google Ads strategy should be performing better?

But don’t panic! We can help.


We provide a range of AdWords topics including:
  • Introduction
  • Background to Google Ads
  • Key Concepts in Google Ads
  • Research, Strategy & Planningh
  • Campaign Build
  • Regular Optimizations
  • Advanced Optimizations
  • Common Troubleshooting Issues

How Is This Training Course Different?

Most training courses teach you a lot of the ‘what’ - what are CPC’s? what is a campaign? Some courses teach you a bit of the ‘how’ - how to set up an account, how to adjust bids and other technical aspects. Even courses that do teach you the ‘how’ tend to focus mainly on account setup only.

In this training course we will cover both the what and the how. And not just how to setup an account, we also show you what you should be doing on an ongoing basis. This is what we actually do when we manage an account in our agency. We are also going to show you how to create an account that is not just technically excellent but also strategically excellent.

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